Matt Anderson

Matthew is a co-founder of Octothorpe, games industry veteran, programming engineer, and a passionate devotee of all areas where entertainment and interaction intersect. He has designed, developed, and published award-winning work in almost every corner of the games industry. Highlights include co-founding the multi-million dollar exer-games company, Cobalt Flux, and co-designing the international best-selling miniatures game Malifaux Second Edition. In 2011, Matt worked as Creative Director on the front page featured mobile title Catball Eats It All, recipient of three separate Apple Staff Favorites. He also acted as Lead Designer on the Windows 10 and Xbox Games for Gold featured title Super Dungeon Bros.

In addition to Octothorpe, Matthew currently teaches game design, history, and social issues at the University of Utah in the number one ranked game design program. Matt holds an MFA in Entertainment Arts & Engineering from the University of Utah. His graduate thesis, PC horror title Erie, garnered over a million downloads and tens of millions of Youtube video Let’s Play views.


Alex Johnstone

Originally from England, Alex is an adjunct professor, game developer, and film director in Salt Lake City, Utah. His film productions have aired on broadcast television, won accolades and premiered in the Sundance Film Festival. His games have reached audiences across the world, featuring in publications such as PC Gamer and on the Indie Games weblog. Beyond co-founding Octothorpe, Alex teaches game development in the University of Utah’s Entertainment Arts & Engineering Program, ranked #1 for game design in the nation by the Princeton Review. 


Jaden Holladay

Jaden was exploring the world of programming long before starting Octothorpe. Currently a student of the Entertainment Arts & Engineering program at the University of Utah, Jaden is mastering his techniques as a programmer and artist. He featured with Adobe in a customer story entitled “Jaden Holladay, developing limitless creativity” where he expressed his diversified talents. He has also created several games that achieved top 10 in popularity on Blizzard Entertainment’s Starcraft II Arcade. As a developer, Jaden is passionate about building intuitive tools for artists and game designers.


Lanie Dixon

Lanie is an evangelist of games user research, spreading the good word about player research. Her education and work are focused on psychology with emphasis in human factors, cognitive science, and video games. In addition to her work with Octothorpe, Lanie is a research assistant at the University of Utah conducting research studying gender differences in cognitive spatial abilities and navigation. As one of the four game developers and business owners running the Utah Games Guild, she works with the guild to promote, support, and raise awareness of the growing Utah indie game development community. In 2015, Lanie was awarded the highly coveted IGDA GDC Scholarship, as well as an Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program Grant from the University of Utah for her ongoing research efforts.


Logan Erickson

Logan loves to entertain and place smiles on faces. At the age of 7, he discovered his passion for game development and entertaining. He organized a game club, started a small business to resell miniatures and created countless games out of cardboard, legos and paper mache. Logan is currently an honors student in the University of Utah Entertainment Arts Engineering program.  He has produced, co-hosted and reported for the Student Media website and show “The Geekwave” allowing him to combine his love of games and passion for entertainment. Logan believes games have only scratched the surface of their full capabilities and aspires to develop experiences that not only entertain but also create positive real world impact.

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