Do you like playing video games?

Do you like telling other people about your game experience?

Then we need your help!

User testing is a core part of our development and we are looking to get our games in the hands of people who will enjoy them. We’re inviting players like you to give us your feedback to help our developers improve their games!

By completing the playtest participant signup you may be eligible to participate in future studies where you will be able to come try out our newest projects, mostly unreleased, and give us your feedback. It is important that you complete the form carefully and honestly. We are always looking for players of all types. Playing more games or owning all the latest consoles won’t necessarily mean you are more likely to be chosen as a playtester.

As test opportunities come up, you may be contacted with follow-up questions.

As a token of our appreciation for your participation, you will get paid to come play!

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