The Irregular

The Irregular is a captivating virtual reality mystery-solving experience that engages players’ critical thinking and teamwork.

Buried within this curious Victorian environment are clues permitting the player to solve a singular mystery; what has caused the untimely disappearance of a renowned detective?

A player, or group of players will gather clues, answer questions, and eventually solve the intriguing mystery.

The Irregular has the opportunity to be a shared experience with players working together with gameplay similar to an escape room scenario.

As one of five finalists in the US Department of Education’s EdSim Challenge, The Irregular is focused on addressing different components of the CTE Career Clusters and exercising employability skills.

The Irregular is a framework for episodic content. Each episode will focus on a narrow field of STEM career skills, and all episodes will exercise employability skills, such as applied academic skills, critical thinking, interpersonal skills, information use, and systems thinking.

In a group setting, students engage in the clue analysis activity together; developing communication, and interpersonal and leadership skills, as they collaboratively strive to solve the mystery.

Through this clue analysis process students individually demonstrate reasoning and independent research skills, as well as theory validation techniques.

The learning experience of The Irregular is broken into three phases: clue gathering, clue analysis, and clue validation.

A student navigates between pre-defined areas of interest within the VR environment, searching for and gathering relevant clues.

After gathering clues, the student steps out of the VR experience and reviews their findings individually or within their student group. During this phase they can be prompted to look further into the materials presented by the game, researching information and discussing solutions with their classmates.

To progress within the mystery the student will be prompted to use clues to answer questions through  a non-VR companion App. This guides clue-analysis efforts and easily segments the longer narrative to the restrictions of a class schedule.

The Irregular Team


Matthew Anderson

Design Director

Alex Johnstone

Art Director

Jaden Holladay

Technical Director

Lanie Dixon

Director of User Research

Logan Erickson

Marketing Director

Zaque Larsen

Modeling & Texture Artist

Daniel Blair

Technical Character Artist

Utsav Jamwal

VR Technical Artist

Jacq MacHardy

Senior Sound Designer

Andrew Taylor Johnson

Gameplay Engineer


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